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Fruits and Vegetables



A Boomer’s Guide
to Climate Action

It was on our generation's watch that climate change became a planetary emergency—and it's on us to help figure out what to do about it now.

The industrial Food and Agriculture system contributes approximately 1/3rd of global emissions, and harms not just soil and water, but also our personal health. 


To empower farmers to shift into regenerative organic practices requires an adaptation of the entire farm to table supply chain, up to and including the consumer. This requires the exchange of market intelligence connecting all market participants. 

Food with Thought seeks to engage at the community level to rebuild local and regional networks supporting small to medium size farmers, food processors, logistics providers, and retailers. 


Klaus has 40+ years in the foodservice industry in the United States, Europe, and Asia, starting as a 4th generation classically trained Chef in Germany. 

He believes there are tremendous opportunities for innovations and innovators to rebuild the farm to table supply chains. In partnership with linked specialists, we have the skills and insights to support investors and operators of all sizes with the technical support to fine tune products and find markets. 

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Farm-to-Table Process Design

Connecting Regenerative Farmers with Markets

Panels & TownHalls

Communities are systems that connect in ways not always transparent to everyone. Specific challenges are best discussed between experts from impacted sectors. Developing a panel discussion in form of a webinar or community forum requires logistics, research, panel selection and preparation, marketing. We can provide turnkey support including the moderator. 

Market Research

Each community has unique resources and available infrastructure to support people in need of food and shelter. Non-profit organizations can benefit from access to resources that are available at Federal, State, and Local levels. We can provide a road map to access and utilize a farm to table supply chain in your local communities to improve services to people in need. 

Operational Design

Regenerative farmers will need to change and adapt their crops to optimize soil health and water management within their bioregion. This in turn requires aggregators, processors, logistics, and brokerage to connect the farmer with markets. We will provide a gap analysis that defines opportunities for innovations and business formation. 

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