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Written with ChatGPT 4.0

We are using an AI chatbot trained specifically on the intersection of food and agriculture with a changing climate. The idea of NeoBooks originated with and is hosted by the OpenGlobalMind community. 

What’s a NeoBook?

First, a NeoBook looks like a book, which is a recognizable cultural artifact. Smart people put their knowledge inside books, right? But the book aspect of a NeoBook is just a starting point, a familiar frame of reference. From there, things get really interesting, because:

  • The NeoBook is composed of "nuggets" that live independently online. 

  • More specifically, the NeoBook is a playlist of specific nuggets. Any of which might be part of a different NeoBook.

  • Those nuggets connect visitors to additional resources, plus (importantly) conversations and communities related to each nugget.

NeoBook Volume I

A groundbreaking NeoBook that intertwines historical insights, modern challenges, and future perspectives on the critical theme of food sustainability and climate change. The book is a collaborative effort, significantly enhanced by the input of ChatGPT technology, and is structured into three insightful sections: The Story of Soil, Spiral Dynamics, and Theory U.

Screenshot 2024-03-05 at 09.32.26.png

NeoBook Volume II

Now in development, this volume of NeoBook isn't just about questioning existing norms; it's about rebuilding our relationship with the biosphere, particularly focusing on the impacts of our food and agriculture practices on climate and the planet. Our current food systems boast an unprecedented capacity to feed billions, yet this industrial prowess extracts a heavy toll on our biosphere. 

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Nuggets are excerpts from the NeoBooks that highlight a specific conversation.

Some examples are listed below:

The Glyphosate Debate: A Guide to Weighing the Pros and Cons

A Conversation with Allan Savory

The Hydrologic Cycle

Imagination and Engineering = Imagineering  ​

AI supported research

For specific research projects, we will use ChatGPT to support and deepen our search. 

We can also provide personalized training on how to set up and train a chatbot for your own personal needs. The same applies to other search engines you may use, which can be defined by personalized algorithms. 

Interested in working together?

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